01 August 2023

Elchans will be able to test an electric bus

Urban The Department of Communication in Ełk will start testing an electric bus that It will run on regular lines. Free ride on such a vehicle will be possible from 4 to 11 August.

Already This Friday (August 4) a bus will set off on the streets of our city Solaris Urbino 12 electric for field tests. From 4 to 11 August, residents will be able to test for free zero-emission, low-floor, electric motor-driven vehicle. Bus will run on communication lines no.: 6, 7 and 8, single courses They will also take place on lines 12 and 14. Range declared by the manufacturer It is about 300 km.

Signing Bus contracts

President In May 2023, the City of Ełk signed a contract with Solaris Bus & Coach Sp. z o. o. for the supply of 5 public transport buses powered by energy Electric. On the premises of Miejskie Zakład Komunikacji Sp. z o.o. in Ełk charging stations with workshop equipment will also be installed, hardware and software enabling supervision over energy consumption of charging stations and buses. The project also includes training of drivers and mechanics in the field of vehicle operation and operation technical and operational. The first 3 buses will go to Ełk at the beginning next year, and the next in autumn 2024.