Tourist attractions

Municipal sports and Recreation in ełk - AQUA PARK -pool and recreational, saunas, steam and infra red, massage and water jets, a jacuzzi, a 104-metre slide; ul. Piłsudskiego 29, 19-300 Elk
Tel. (+ 48 87) 610 38 38

Municipal beach in ełk Camping # 62, campsite ul. Wild 9, 19-300 Elk
Tel. (+ 48 87) 610 97 00

Sports-Arena MOSiR (gym, sauna) ul. M. m. Kolbe 11, 19-300 Elk
Tel 785 132 847

Municipal Stadium mini golf, playgrounds, tennis courts, gym and ice rink; ul. Piłsudskiego 27, 19-300 Elk
Tel. (+ 48 87) 610 38 38

Rope Park Street. Grunwaldzka 10, 19-300 Elk, 665 682 280 MOSiR-rope park

Climbing wall Street. Małeckich 1, 19-300 Elk (Sports Hall with SP2), 87 732 60 32, 664 428 283 SP2-climbing wall

The Park Sports-recreational -track with a length of 400 m and 4 training position with elements to weight training and fitness; UL. Park, 19-300 Elk

Nicolaus Copernicus Educational Park -park educational alluding to planetary system-through play park is to educate children and young people from the field of astronomy and physics; Polish Army Street, 19-300 Elk (at the mouth of the Elk River)

The promenade stretches along the shore of Ełckie Lake, located in the heart of the city. 6-km long path by foot – is a great place for a walk or for a family trip, cycling or skating. Beautiful views improve mood, and distance from the busy streets will provide peace and quiet.

A Skatepark and parkour -are located at ul. Park close to the City Beach, a place where young people can develop their passions and interest in sports related with cycling, rollerblading or skateboarding.

Solidarity Park is the oldest park in Elk, is located in the quarter of the home army, may 3, Mickiewicz and Małeckich. In the Park is a 19th-century fountain, and monuments: Zastrużne, in memory of "the fallen for free and impartial authority, Poland, as well as portions of an existing there once the monument to the Hindenburg. In the Park grow natural monuments: oak, beech trees common and Sycamore Maple.

Elk Railway -historic Ełcka narrow gauge railway was built between 1912-1918. This is one of the largest tourist attractions of the city and also one of the few still operating in Poland. Being on the narrow-gauge station, it's also a bit of exploring and watch the rolling stock and Railway Museum.

Amphitheatre Ełckie cultural center – a three-storey structure with concrete and glass, which rises to a height of twenty metres. Scene of the amphitheatre has two portals, one pointing in the direction of Ełckie Lake, and the second towards the audience, on the 1367 seats.

John Paul II Square is a square located in the Centre of the city by the Elk. Formerly A Minesweeper. The name was changed after a visit in 1999 year in Elk of Pope John Paul II. On the square there is a statue of the Patron Saint and the concert stage in the shape of a boat, and illuminated at night, the fountain and park benches.

Square with Sun-dial is a three-storeyed square with panoramic terrace on the Lake, Elk is located in the center of the city. Is located at the confluence of the streets of the Polish Army, the Castle and Pulaski. Just below the terrace, stone wall drains team cascade completed pond.

For more information about the charm of Ełk, tourist attractions (including monuments, museums, activities) or hiking (hiking, biking, canoeing) can be found at the Tourist information centre-Cultural in ełk