Investment advantages

In many years is taking action in order to create favourable conditions for setting up and running your own business here. To this end, Polish and foreign investors not only offers attractive investment areas, but also for example. tax relief. Good investment climate makes investors develop their businesses with the introduction of the modern production technologies.

Offered investment areas are previously prepared in terms of infrastructure in the field of armaments in the network, water supply, telecommunication and electricity as well as build roads along with lighting.

The Elk is functioning science and Technology Park, in which are concentrated enterprises in innovative industries and offering technologically advanced, products or services. Its creation was part of the strategy to improve investment attractiveness of the region, increasing competitiveness and the broader economic recovery.

Fully equipped and armed with land designated under the investment sites located in ełk County science and Technology Park have been incorporated into the Suwalki Suwalki special economic zone. Trader lokujący their investments in the zone's area can benefit from public aid granted in the form of income tax exemption, as regional aid for new investment or costs: new jobs.

Guided by the principle of good first contact with an investor, from 2016, participate in organized by-Mazurską Regional Development Agency project, which aims to pilot implementation in the Office of "the investor's service standards local government ". The result is a rise in Office of Investor Service cell which provided all the expected information on investment deals and indicated the existing Office procedures.