Investment advantages

The city has been taking action for many years to create favorable conditions for setting up and running your own here Business.  In the city of Ełk there are investment areas of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone, operates also Science Park – Technological.  Polish investors and foreign offers not only attractive investment areas, but also, for example: Tax:

  • dismissal from property tax

On based on Resolution No. XLI.407.2022 of the Ełk City Council of March 30, 2022 on the exemption from property tax as part of de minimis aid (to be collected)

  • dismissal from income tax.

On On the basis of a decision on support, an entrepreneur may obtain income tax exemptions up to 70% for a small entrepreneur, 60% for a medium-sized enterprise, 50 % for a large entrepreneur counting from the value Investment.

A good investment climate makes investors They develop their enterprises by introducing modern to the market production technologies.


  1. Current plans Zoning.
  2. Attractive prices investment land.
  3. Good communication road and rail: DK16 and DK65 , international route S61 Via under construction Baltica and the international corridor Rail Baltica. Functioning Olsztyn Mazury International Airport in Szymany.
  4. Availability qualified staff.
  5. Professional investment advice.
  6. Investor-friendly local government.
  7. Fully armed investment areas – media in road lanes.
  8. Positive growth natural.

In in order to support entrepreneurship, the City of Ełk offers public aid in the form of property tax exemption under the aid scheme de minimis.

Micro, small and medium-sized ones can benefit from the help enterprises, i.e. any entity conducting economic activity regardless of the legal form and sources of financing.

The aid is granted in the form of property tax exemption for buildings that are a new investment in the Municipality of Ełk, i.e. an investment related to the purchase of land by the entrepreneur and the construction of related buildings on them with running a business, the construction of which has been completed after the date of entry into force of the resolution, i.e. after April 15, 2022.

Dismissal from the property tax is due from January 1 of the following year: after the year in which the construction of the building was completed or its commencement use before final finishing.

The exemption period shall be dependent on the investment expenditures incurred in relation to objects of taxation and the entrepreneur is entitled to:

  • for land purchased from the City of Ełk for the period:
  1. for a period of 1 year – with financial outlays for a new investment exceeding PLN 3,500,000 net,

  2. for a period of 2 years – with financial outlays for a new investment exceeding PLN 7,000,000 net.

  • for land purchased from entities other than the City of Ełk for the period of:

  1. for a period of 6 months – with financial outlays for a new investment exceeding PLN 3,500,000 net,

  2. for a period of 1 year – with financial outlays for a new investment exceeding PLN 7,000,000 net.

When calculating the amount of capital expenditure, the costs of investment in fixed assets are taken into account.

Policy and the conditions for receipt are specified in Resolution No. XLI.407.2022 of 30 March 2022 on exemption from tax on real estate under de minimis aid (downloadable)

Detailed information on reliefs and exemptions can be obtained from:

Ełk City Hall, Financial Department, Department of Local Taxes and Fees

19-300 Ełk, Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 4 (room 08)

Working hours: Monday: 8:00-16:00, Tuesday-Friday: 7:00-15:30

Emilia Makarewicz-Litwinowicz – specialist in tax control, tax reliefs and redundancies, tel. 87 73 26 102, e-mail:

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  1. Highest intensity in the country public aid up to 50%.
  2. The highest relief in the country in income tax for Entrepreneurs:
    • up to 70 % for small Trader
    • up to 60% for medium Trader
    • up to 50% for large entrepreneurs counting from the value of the investment.
  3. Decision on support for 15 years.

    • Quantitative criteria : the lowest minimum outlays in the country investment related to the new an investment for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the decision to support:
        • micro - PLN 0.2 million
        • small - PLN 0.5 million
        • medium - PLN 2 million
        • large - PLN 10 million

    • Quality criteria: the lowest number of points in the country to obtaining for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the decision on support - 4 Paragraph.

Suwalska Special Economic Zone S.A. issues decisions on support for the implementation of a new investments on private, zonal, local government and other land.

Information about the possibilities obtaining a decision on support is provided by:


A. Mickiewicza Street 15, 19-300 Elk

phone: +48 87 610 62 72, +48 601 369 461, +48 607 058 222


Information on the possibility of purchasing municipal land and in the Science and Technology Park can be obtained from:


Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 4, 19-300 Ełk

Working hours: Monday: 8:00-16:00, Tuesday-Friday: 7:30-15:30

Faculty of Spatial Planning and Real Estate Management

Marta Herbszt – head of the department, room 236, tel. 87 732 62 36, e-mail:

Investor Service Office

Radosław Nasalski – sub-inspector for investor service, room 234, tel. 87 732 62 34, e-mail: