Local incentives

In the municipality of Elk is functioning Investor Service, which offers support for:

  • Prepare a complete offer Of investment, its revision and update, including the supervision of the data necessary for its development.
  • Update data on investment deals on the Site Of and attention to the accuracy of the information, including the supervision of the administrator of the site.
  • Revision of investment offers and actions of Investor Support for compliance with strategic documents of the city, in particular in urban governance and management of real estate.
  • Organisation of and participation in organized by the Office of activities promoting the investment offer.
  • Provide information to entrepreneurs and investors, including a presentation of the City offers.
  • To organize, if necessary, visits in the city of investors positioning and interaction with the other actors in this field.
  • Assist investors in the necessary administrative and legal procedures at the level of municipalities, occurring during the investment process.
  • Poinwestycyjna care for the companies, including with the support of companies that already operate in the city.

In addition, as the local organizational unit of the Municipality Of Elk is functioning scientific and technological Park Elk, which helps new, innovative companies to achieve the ability to function independently in the market, and also supports . To this end, offers Business incubator, Incubator and platform. Science and technology park in Elk provides the following services for companies:

  • Coordination of investment procedures in government offices and institutions,
  • Preparation of tenders, reports, analyses and studies of the labour market, the available property, conduct of business and other information useful in the investment process,
  • Organization of meetings with investors and the local and regional authorities,
  • Organization of business meetings,
  • Provision of information on doing business in-Polish (starting a business tax system, local law),
  • Gathering information about potential forms of public aid for investors (EU funds, grants),
  • Business promotion company-promotional materials, coordination of international cooperation in the field of business promotion, promotional campaigns in Poland and abroad), organisation of economic missions involving the company.

The range offered by the scientific and technological Park Elk support for companies include:

  • Training, workshops, conferences,
  • Contacts database,
  • Advice on: ownership of the patent and intellectual property,
  • Strategic planning,
  • Product management innovative,
  • Implementation of new services and products,
  • Acquiring external funding for projects,
  • Assessment of the market potential of the project,
  • Advice on the preparation of a business plan.
Trader lokujący their investments in the zone's area can benefit from public aid granted in the form of income tax exemption, as regional aid for new investment or costs: new jobs. The detailed rules specifies the resolution No. XXXIX. 391.17 Elk City Council from December 19, 2017, on exemption from property tax within the de minimis aid.