05 June 2019

More about investment at UL. Polish Army

P The construction of the Army Street Polish in Ełku will eventually include a stretch from the intersection with UL. Kosciuszko Mickiewicza Street with the execution of the bus bay. Cost Investment is more than PLN 12 million. Planned The deadline for completing the task is mid November 2019.

Investment Reconstruction of the Polish Army Street in the section (515 MB) from the Intersection with UL. Kościuszko to ul. Mickiewicza together with Making a bus bay.

This is a two-lane Directly with the additional left and right turn lanes in the intersection area Street of Armia Krajowa and Zamkowej Street. This junction will be equipped with a signalling Luminous.

The investment also includes:

  • Paving: roadroads, bus bays, Walkers, cycling paths
  • Construction of rainwater Sewage
  • Construction of street lighting (previous is dismantled) integrated into the urban control and monitoring system Lighting
  • Implementation of monitoring with seweration Teletechnical
  • Construction of the water supply network and Sanitary sewer System (PWiK cost)
  • Construction of a gas network segment

The investment will rebuild the Gulf In the vicinity of the Polish Army Building 62, together with the Assembly of the Shelter. An active pedestrian crossing will also be made in The Polish Army building 68.

Created by tender: the company Works at Ełku Sp. Z o. O., ul. Kolonia 1, 19-300 Ełk,

The total cost of the investment is over PLN 12 million. The city's Own contribution is more than 10.1 million PLN of which over 4.5 million PLN is a grant from the EU. Own contribution PWiK is almost 1.9 million PLN.

Planned Deadline for completion of work: 15 November 2019

Name Project: reconstruction of public transport lines 3 and 5 To improve public transport in the city of Ełku – Stage II – reconstruction Polish Army Street in the section from UL. Kościuszko to ul. Adam Mickiewicz.