12 March 2019

Extension of the bike path at the ełckie Lake

Soon will begin another investment in Elk. This time the work will rely on the construction of a bike path at the ełckie Lake along the waterfront from the ul. The castle to the administrative boundaries of in the direction of the village of Rails. The cost of the investment is the amount more than 1.1 million.

The tender procedure is completed and a contract was signed with the contractor for the implementation of the project "development of bike paths in Elk through the creation of a bicycle path at the ełckie Lake from the Castle".

Under the investment plan to:

  • bi-directional execution paths on foot hiking with a length 823 m
  • construction of the bridge by ditch the moat
  • execution of the lighting during the walk. Installation of lighting points 52
  • the execution channel teletechnicznego along the communication

The value of the investment is more than 1.1 million PLN

Funding: more than 900 thousand. PLN coming from EU funds in the RPO Of Warmia and Mazury for years 2014-2020.

Expected date of completion is end of September 2019.

For more information:

This investment is part of a larger project. "The construction of the bridge by foot-hiking by the Elk Lake located on the beach in a lake with handles and commuting from the beach and from the Castle Street along the waterfront Ełckie with lighting."


The creation of the tourist cycling bi-directional allowing pedestrian traffic running along the Ełckie Lake in the village of Rails by Forestry areas Elk.

As part of the investment is expected to build a hiking trail (bike path with a length of more than 1.1 km) from the administrative boundaries of Ełckie Lake bridge to the proposed Elk.

The Payer: The State-Owned Forest Farm Forests National Forest Elk

Due date: 2018-June 2019


Construction of the bridge, cycling with the admission of foot traffic by the Elk Lake from the village of Rails to the new town beach.