07 December 2023

Kolbe (MWU)

Location and area:

City: Elk

District: ełcki

State/Province: Warmian-Masurian

Precinct number y- Department (e) k: 3-3906/4 and 3-3919

(location on the map in the Geoportal parcel # 3906/4 and 3919)

Area: 0.9385 ha + 0.5980 ha to lease

An area in the South of the city, along the national road No. 65 (ul. Grajewska) access from the street. . M.m. Kolbe, a: ok. 500 m from the primary school and kindergarten and ok. 250 m non-public kindergartens.

Shape: irregular

Zoom Capability: no

Price (net): 2.474.000 €

Rent (net): 34.920 zł per year

Owner: villages In Ełk

Zoning: zoning called "Elk-Lake estate III", adopted by resolution No. XXXV. 351.17 Elk City Council from August 29, 2017 (OJ. The province. War.-Maz. 3980 with 09.10.2017).

Elk City Council passed a resolution on the accession to develop changes to the local land development plan, known as the "Elk-Kolbe, Lambs", including the area is a link to the resolution.

In accordance with the intended area to be designed under the housing wielorodzinną with inexpensive services.

Present use: no

Pollution of surface water and groundwater: no

Whether they were carried out geological surveys of the land: no

The risk of flash floods or landslides terrain: no

Obstacles to the underground:

In the north-eastern part of parcel # 3906/4 thermal network is at the eastern border runs an underground power transmission network eS2, the western border is the connection of sanitary sewage system and water supply, there are zakrzaczenia and small trees;

By parcel # 3919 run network: a network of water supply DN-200, two collectors jam-packed sanitary sewer DN-600 and a power transmission network. In addition, along the South-eastern boundary of parcel # 3919 (outside the intended to lease) is an active fiber-optic Broadband pipeline Polish (SSPW).

Obstacles that occur on the surface of the terrain: by land # 3919 runs overhead power transmission network

Existing environmental restrictions: no

Buildings and buildings on the site: no


The area is located along national road No. 65, and the local public roads on the ok. 200 m.

Property is located in. 4.5 km from "Elk" in the proposed Expressway S-61, that is part of the international route VIA-BALTICA.

Drog (a) dojazdow and: the property has decorated the public road-ul. . M. M. Kolbe.

Railway: the train station is just ok. 5 km by the Elk will be international corridor rail network RAIL BALTICA, and is designed to the public road-service-providing train terminal handling of goods transported by different means of communication, integrated with the trans-European transport network TEN-T.

River ports and marine: Elblag (260 km), Gdansk/Gdynia (335 km/360 km), Klaipėda-Lithuania (400 km)

Nearest International Airport: Szymany (130 km), Warsaw (240 km), Vilnius (260 km), Gdansk (320 km)

The nearest regional city: Olsztyn (160 km), Białystok (100 km)

Electricity – in the strip of road, ul. . M. m. Kolbe (land border).

Water supply- there is a connection, pipe diameter: Ø 100

Of (a) health -road apron ul. . M. m. Kolbe (on the border), tube diameter: Ø 200.

Thermal energy- road apron ul. . M. m. Kolbe (on the border), tube diameter: Ø 250.

In the strip of road Street. M. m. Kolbe are also network drainage and telecommunications with the ability to join.

The conditions for the acquisition of immovable property

Condition for the invitations to tender is payment of the established security and not having the financial backlog to Elk City and make a statement about no arrear in fees.


Urząd Miasta Ełku
ul. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 4
19-300 Ełk

Godziny pracy
poniedziałek: 8:00-16:00
wtorek-piątek: 7:00-15:30

Department of planning and Economy real estate

Marta Herbszt-head of Department,

room 236, 87 732 62 36, e-mail:

Office Of Property Management

Tomasz Szymański – head office,

room 234, 87 732 61 55, e-mail:

Ewa Galińska-podinsektor. economy of the municipal property,

room 235, 87 73 26 135, email:

Investor Service

Paweł Górski – senior specialist Investor Service (the person preparing the offer)

room 234, 87 732 62 34, e-mail:,