27 November 2022


Location and area:

District: ełcki

State/Province: Warmian-Masurian

Precinct number y- Department (e) k: 2-2106/10, 2-2106/13, 2-2106/11

(location on the map in the Geoportal parcel # 2106/10, 2106/13 and 2106/11)

Area: 1.1476 ha + 0.0230 ha to lease


Terrain located in the eastern part of the city, in the immediate vicinity Przemysłowa Street, which is a bypass of the city, along the road national no. 65 (access via municipal roads with asphalt surface – Srebrna Street and Krzemowa Street).

Shape plots: irregular, close to a triangle

Possibilities enlarging the area: lack

Price (net): approximately PLN 469,388 net, including prices:

1) land property PLN 465 520 net (first fee – 25% of the price obtained as a result of the tender, annual fees – 3% of the price obtained as a result of a tender)

2) one-off remuneration for the establishment of an easement land 3 800 PLN net

3) annual rental rate of PLN 816 net.

Owner: Municipality city of Ełk

The property is given in perpetual usufruct for the purposes of development of commercial and craft services and small manufacturing.

Local spatial development plan: terrain partly covered by the local plan for terrain located on the west side of Przemysłowa Street, including area 2 of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone Subzone in Ełk, adopted by Resolution No XLVII/362/98 of the Ełk City Council of 2 June 1998 (Dz. Urz. Province War.-Maz. No. 45, item 237 of 17.07.1998) – content resolutions to download.

Terrain marked on the drawing of the local plan with symbols: 6ZN – area greenery not arranged in the form of tree cover with species fast-growing and 03 L 1/2 – designed local streets – drawing local plan to download.

Council The City of Ełk adopted a resolution on joining the development of a local spatial development plan "Ełk" – Azure", covering the area in question – link to the resolution.

Plot No. 2106/10, 2106/11, 2106/13 were separated from plot No. 2106/1, for whom the Mayor of the City of Ełk on September 10, 2008 issued decision No. 17/2008 determining the location of the investment public purpose consisting in the reconstruction of the main collector Sanitary.

For part of the plot No. 2106/1 Mayor of the Ełk Commune on March 13, 2013 issued Decision No 031/2013 determining the method development and development conditions for the investment consisting in construction of a service building (trade, crafts, small industry).

Present use: unused land

Pollution surface water and groundwater: no

Whether geological surveys of the area were carried out: no

Risk occurrence of flooding or landslides: no

Obstacles underground:

Through plots numbered: 2106/10 and 2106/13 run nets: underground power eN (owned by PGE Dystrybucja S.A. with based in Lublin); water supply wB100 (not an asset Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. in Ełk), teletechnical tt (owned by the Municipality of the City of Ełk), two collectors each rainwater drainage: kd1200, kd1400, kd1500 (owned by the Municipality City of Ełk), a section of rainwater drainage kd1200 having connection to an inspection well with an elevation of 121.49/125.5 (ownership Animex Foods Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Ełk, Suwalska 86 Street).

Through plot No. 2106/11 runs through the network: sanitary sewage system ks800, two kd1500 rainwater sewer collectors and network rainwater drainage kd300, teletechnical tt, power engineering.

With attention to the sewage system running through plot No. 2106/11 sanitary (main network), leased area excluded is from the permanent development of cubature objects, with the possibility of implementing auxiliary elements for the correct development of real estate marked as plot No. 2106/10 and 2016/13, to the extent agreed with the network manager.

Obstacles occurring on the surface of the site: most of the area occupied is by trees and shrubs; the largest concentration of trees in eastern part of the plot at Przemysłowa Street, the smallest cluster from the west side

Existing ecological restrictions: no

Buildings and buildings in the area: no

Highway/road: the property is located in. 2 km from the "Elk East" within the proposed Expressway S-61, that is part of the international route VIA-BALTICA.

Drog (a) dojazdow a: to provide access to the public road (ul. Silver) this property will be done through the establishment of paid easements by parcel # 2782/21.

Rail: just ok. 3 km is electrified band railway sidings. By Elk will be international corridor rail network RAIL BALTICA, and is designed to the public road-service-providing train terminal handling of goods transported by different means of communication, integrated with the the trans-European transport network TEN-T.

River ports and marine: Elblag (260 km), Gdansk/Gdynia (335 km/360 km), Klaipėda-Lithuania (400 km)

Nearest International Airport: Szymany (130 km), Warsaw (240 km), Vilnius (260 km), Gdansk (320 km)

The nearest regional city: Olsztyn (160 km), Białystok (100 km)

Electricity – at boundary road in the strip of ul. Silver

Just ok. 400 m is the main point of Power-110/15kV. Thanks to the entrepreneurs in gaining broad opportunities for power electric current.

Gas city is powered by gas metanowym LNG technology, it provides to obtain the medium pressure. Close to the zone is the main point of the gas expansion. 1-2 km with a high demand for gas it is possible to build connections.

Water supply -at boundary road in the strip of ul. Silver, tube diameter: Ø 150

Sanitary sewer system -at boundary road in the strip of ul. Silver, tube diameter: Ø 300

Along the parcels are also network drainage and telecommunications with the ability to join.

The area has agreed to a "Comprehensive weapons sites under the investment at ul. Silicon in Elk ". In accordance with the signed October 14, 2010, the agreement is a municipality In Elk received the European-funded. Therefore, this project should remain stable for a period of 5 years from the date of achievement indicator. Locate an investment.

Real estate development Deadlines, that shall be counted from the day of the conclusion of the dedication in the use of perpetual:

  • in the commencement of construction of 1 (one) year-start of construction is believed to build the foundations,

  • time limit for completion of the construction of a further 2 years – for the completion of the construction of the building in its raw state.

In the case of deadlines, can be established additional annual fees chargeable to the perpetual user, regardless of the charges for use of perpetual:

  • the amount of the additional annual fee is 10% of the value of the land specified in the day determine the fees for the first year, after expiration of the term of its development as established in the agreement or decision,

  • for each following year fee shall be increased by a further 10% of this value,

  • the fees shall be set by decision of the competent authority,

  • the obligation to additional annual fees from 1 January of the year following the expiration of terms real estate development laid down in the agreement or decision,

  • fees for the year shall be filed within 31 March of each year.

Poland Investment Zone

The Act of May 10, 2018, to promote new investments has introduced a new mechanism for granting state aid to entrepreneurs. The support provided is the trader executing new investment by decision support.

In accordance with the above. the new investment law is understood as:

  • The creation of a new company

  • Increasing production capacity

  • The introduction of new products

  • Change in the manufacturing process

On public assistance, in the form of tax exemptions in the framework of decision support can count:

  • companies with traditional sector industry, with the exception of the enterprises producing explosives, alcohol, tobacco products, steel, or companies engaged in the production and distribution of energy; wholesale and retail trade, and construction works, services related to accommodation and catering services and gaming establishments. With support, under EU rules are also companies metallurgy, iron and steel, coal sector,

  • the selected companies from the sector of modern services.

The entrepreneur implementing the new investment project in the area managed by Suwalską a special economic zone in ełk can obtain public aid in the form of exemption from income tax CIT or PIT:

  • large enterprises-50%,

  • medium-sized enterprises-60%,

  • small businesses-70%.

Details and rules are available on the website:

The conditions for the acquisition of immovable property

Condition for the invitations to tender is payment of the established security and not having the financial backlog to Elk City and make a statement about no arrear in fees.


Urząd Miasta Ełku
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Office Of Property Management

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Ewa Galińska-podinsektor. economy of the municipal property,

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Investor Service

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