19 August 2022

"Automation and robotization in production and services – practical aspects of the company's digital transformation" - conference at PNT in Ełk.

Lack of employees, need for faster responding to changes or greater competitiveness, force the implementation of new solutions in the field of automation, robotization or broadly understood Digitisation. On 26-27 September in the Science and Technology Park will take place Conference "Automation and robotization in production and services – practical aspects of digital transformation companies".

Idea The conference is related to the development of industry 4.0, advanced production and services that are innovative, competitive, fast, precise and cost-effective.

It is until the second edition of the conference. This year the meeting will take place on September 26 (Monday) entitled "Automation and robotization in production and services – practical aspects of transformation digital company".

A series of workshops is also planned. addressed to people planning their career or change of profession. It will focus on the presentation of modern competences currently wanted on the labor market, including business, engineering and programming.

First 26 September 2022 – Technology Conference

Addressed is for people managing companies, managers, technical directors, coO officers, employees, as well as all interested parties.

Participation in the conference is paid. Registration is mandatory

Passed substantive and technological knowledge in the field of automation implementations will be and robotization in production and services, including:

  • preparation implementation strategies and practical examples of implementations
  • Presentations Technology
  • key aspects Deployments
  • Counting profitability of implementations and their financing

Second 27 September 2022 – Competence Workshops

Directed to young people, students, teaching and lecture staff, advisors professional and all interested parties planning their career.

Share free. Registration of group participants at

In program.

  • Competence the future, the school of tomorrow and innovation in practice
  • what you should know before you start coding
  • programmer's work in practice – from the side of the employee and the employer

Konference organized within the framework of "Ełk Festival of Economic Promotion" project

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