14 December 2021

We know the winners of the Your Startup – Your Future competition

In last weekend in the Science and Technology Park in Ełk during the hackathon resolved there was a competition for innovative mobile applications. They could submit their ideas adults whose lives are connected with our city. The novelty was beginners category dedicated to students. In January, an event with participation of competition participants.

The aim of the competition "Your Startup – Your Future" is the construction of a startup ecosystem in Ełk. This year the edition included solutions from the ICT industry.

To the first stage of the competition you had to submit an idea for a mobile application on any subject. In the second stage competition (10 teams took part) a hackathon was held, during which the task of the participants was to design product concepts for META (a platform that combines all applications and technologies under one new brand by Mark Zukerberg). Ideas were evaluated in terms of creativity the project, its usability, maturity, technological culture and presentation.

There were 2 categories:

  • Beginners – students of Ełk secondary schools 18+
  • Advanced – adult natural persons whose socio-economic life takes place in Ełk

Winners cash prizes were awarded: PLN 5,000, PLN 3,000, PLN 2,000. In addition, the conqueror I place received 15 hours of counseling old-up. An additional prize was also awarded - a distinction from partner of the competition, i.e. individual consultations for the third place in the category. advanced.

Task participants they performed very creatively, during the hackathon there was a great working atmosphere, real networking. Cooperation with participants will continue. Already in In January 2022, another event with all participants is planned.



I place – team: Piotr Wilczyński, Adam Wilczyński, Wojciech Wilczyński

II place – team: Krzysztof Jaskuła, Michał Makuch

III place - Aleksandra Grajewska


I PLACE – team: Maksymilian Kedzierski, Konrad Eryk

II PLACE – team: Katarzyna Wiśniewska, Kacper Szumski

III PLACE - Gabriel Moniuszko